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Fashion Week Partnerships: Image Creation is the Heart of Fashion Week – Join Us!


ARTIFICE ATELIER proposes a fashion week student partnership with technology companies, camera and imaging companies, hairstyle and make-up sponsors.  Pilot Program was initiated in 2014 and the School has invited us back to return with a host of opportunities for students to participate in Fashion Week, Paris 2015/16.

A brand can be exposed to the students, the school and engage with the local community surrounding Paris Fashion Week.  A period of advanced publicity on social media will be created by Artifice Atelier in tandem woth the school and Brand Sponsors.

Paris School of Art & Design Partnership with Image Brand, Fashion, Beauty Brands offers a unique partnership to support photography or fashion students in a variety of ways during Paris Fashion Week:

  • Offer Equipment and training for Photography Students with Camera Sponsor.
  • Offer Beauty Partnership for Students to shoot backstage with Beauty Sponsor
  • Offer Panel of Experts from Industry,  Publicists, Brand Representatives, Image Experts to review Student Work
  • Contest or Photo scholarship offered by Camera Sponsor to Community
  • Full Access to Marketing Channels of School with Curated Content
  • Social Media Marketing Content & Images for marketing and promotional use by Brands
  • Documentary footage of entire program
  • Post-Fashion Week Report for PR, Social Media and Advertising/Promotions

Artifice Atelier is seeking sponsorship and will provide a detailed account of all PR, Social Media and Publicity for all brands who participate in partnership with the Paris School of Art & Design.

For Further Information and Proposal:  email us at:

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The 20th Century: 10 Things that are Still Great

Today I ponder about really great things from the 20th Century that made us human. Perhaps, I’m  a little naive.   I remember some things  from my childhood that are simply too great to give up or perhaps some things have already gone,  but should bring back with new or exciting incarnations.  I leave this to the new generation and hope they will not forget how really great the 20th Century, soon to be a memory, really was.


Here is my list:

One thing I remember about New Years 2000, is that while we were celebrating the new century,  I was already feeling nostalgic.  It’s why  the show  “Madmen” was so successful (aside from great writing,  production values, amd a unique group of stars). No, what we are missing is the sense that  things we can touch, feel and experience  in our daily lives are still important; have not totally gone away.  You may ask, but what?  I touch my iphone all day and can quickly communicate with someone around the world.  Sure, technology is great but what many futurists predicted may have arrived: We have become so easily swayed by a 136 character Twitter concept or Facebook friends post we have forgotten what storytelling is, or what real experiences are like.  I hope the next  generation will look at the past century and create new things that are both human and extraordinary.

  • Drive In Theaters:  A night at the  Drive In did more for sex on a date than any Tinder App could possibly hope to achieve.
  • Record Players:  Vinyl is making a comeback in a new and different way and this is a good thing.
  • Bubble Gum:  The real thing loaded woth Sugar and with the good comics i side the package, not those lame ones that are not funny.
  • Garter Belts:  Not just reserved for Victoria Secret Models, real Mrs. Robinson garters that turned on a while male  generation.
  • Bar Stools:  Designed to keep you in your seat and get you through your whole life story.
  • Real Drugstores: Let me count the ways I am missing Woolworths:  the Lunch counter, the beauty, the candy section, and of course, the magazine rack.
  • Black and White TV:  The news, events and people were important, the journalists researched  the facts about the news and the commercials were longer and more fun.
  • Automobiles:  Though we are much safer today, no one can say a winged silver caddie didn’t have amazing style.  Vintage  porches and Mercedes SLs  were the coolest ride in town.
  •  The High Heeled Pump: This shoe was not invented until the 1950s and without Bombshells like Marilyn Monroe or  later on Ms. Madonna, the spiked heeled pump would not be heading into its 21st century classic status.
  • Barbie Doll: What can we say? Without her own career moves from flight attendant to Doctor, to Rock Star, our possibilities as women would not have been the same.  When we heard she was being phased out, it was clear her job had been accomplished.

Got your favorites?  Feel Free to post them to our  twitter feed:  @fauxfamous__

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post in 5 EZ Steps: Part 1

Summertime is the time for travel, new explorations and the time to finally launch your own blog! 

The world of blogs have changed from when I started writing in my Right Bank Paris Apartment in 2010 when the Google Blogger platform was just launching.  What I learned then,  still works today eventhough the technology has improved and the social sharing has expanded 100 times.  A blog post should come from a real and inspired place so that people can really connect with you both personally or via a product you endorse. You should talk about the things you love and pass on the goodness to your readers.  

Here are my tips to create a solid blog post that will improve your traffic as well as your company website and overall brand voice.  As a creative I won’t get into the back end  or analytics here.  I will share how you find your inspiration and voice for your content that is key to your success.

  • Inspiration Sources:  an image, a concept, an opinion, a rant or even a product or service.  Where is your inspiration from? Your audience is your guide.
  • Blog Structure:  Every story has a beginning, middle and end.  Your blog post should also have a structure that is not more than 500 words.
  • Headline: Create a catchy headline that is actually Twitter-worthy! You can write this at the end to highlight what is in the body content. Slogans, Call to Action or a catchy quote attracts readers.
  • Images: Marketing research has shown that everyone loves to read a short message with pictures! Make sure yours are impactful, free from licensing complexities and sell your main idea. 
  • Useful Tips and Tricks: a great blog post informs readers about a subject they want to learn about.  Using humor and a common language that is not filled with terminology  keeps readers engaged or informed about your subject. 

Remember, social media is a community so a blog post should never be inappropriate or used for purposes that might hurt others.  Of course, please be sure your post is typo-free and it can be socially shared to your various channels. If you are creating advertorial, be sure the product or service links or trackbacks are in the article to service your brands or clients.  

If you are creating for your own brand, you are building a powerful voice that is a brand builder and works across many channels to power up your integrated marketing programs. 

For private coaching, editing or editorial strategy, please contact us:

Paying it Forward Pays you Back: Cause Marketing for Good

Companies and brands have always known that a charity event is good busness , even of they just do it once per year and ask employees to volunteer.  The HR department usually has one coordinator who rallies the troops to support the latest company cause or charity event and employees are basically nudged into giving or participating.  The upper echelons of a company usually get to attend the fancy benefit gala and the causes aregenerally  set by the Board of Directors. This sort of “Top Down” charitable model has been in practive for decades.  While it is admirable, it does not really utilize the powerful opportunities to give back that are now available to both large or small companies that uses the extensive channels and cross marketing opportunities available. 

There are now so many ways of improving on the model that it is valuable for a company or small business to take a closer look at how they can better integrate charitable causes into ther company DNA.  Google and Facebook took a leadership role in this area by making volunteerism part of the company culture.  The idea of  “Paying it Forward”  as a value system in a company culture is as powerful as the gift of giving itself.  For your brand,  an alignment with a charitable cause gives back to a company in a number of important ways. For your company culture and value system there are ways to integrate giving back that tells your customers you are about more than just the bottom line. Here are some examples of companies who focus on  giving back as a priority in a wide range of ways:

  • One Hope Wines: The products are tied to Charitable Causes via profits.
  • Calypso St. Barths: Products , In-store events support local charity.
  • Google: Google Foundation designates funds to local programs.
  • charity platform to facilitate Charity fundraising
  • LVMH: A museum built in Paris that gives back to the community.

What is important is how each company engages both its customers and employees in the process that has a multi-layered benefit.  Forbes magazine noted that “cause-centric commerce ”  is one of the fastest growng areas of new growth and success of new businesses in the US today.  Research has shown that the new generation of consumers is making buying decisions based on corporate responsibility.  Take a look at where you can integrate a cause, a charity or marketing program into your overall strategy.  The benefits of a something as simple as a product purchase, volunteer day or charitable support program will give back to your business in numerous ways  ” a triple-win” for all.  

For more information on how to create brand engagements for charitable causes: 

Full disclosure
:  Artifice Atelier is an ambassador for One Hope Wines ( 

Branding Maestro: Your Brand Strategy is a Symphony

Ladies and Gentleman,  a word from the man who designs  the worldwide experience in the hospitality industry will be inspiration for our topic today:

  • “The power and influence of a brand is directly proportionate to the control that brand has over how it orchestrates all its consumer/guest touch points and experiences”. 

Where does your brand meet the customer? How does it engage and interact at various points? Online, by phone, social media, in a store, on the road, at a party?  Each of these entry points is part of the experience that your audience is engaging and this is especially true for a hotel or any other immersive experience.  A retail store has gone from mere display to an experience much like an amusement park.  A movie is no longer just a movie, its a game, a t-shirt, a phone app, a social experience or community gathering around a topic, or story, character or idea.  Thus, the idea of a brand itself has changed with the media that delivers its messages at each of its touch points. The media is indeed, the driver of the message. Now, in the other hand….things can go very very wrong, as Ted* points out, below:

  • Conversely those either unwilling or incapable of such control are doomed to be perceived as just another product awash in the vast sea of commodities.”       

No one wants to be among ‘the huddled masses’ of brands ‘yearning to be free’ of the competition and crowding that so often happens in one sector or another.  The idea here is that a brand has to “orchestrate” in precise fashion how it is presented to its buyers.  This word is key:  An orchestra is made up of many instruments carefully calibrated, tuned and designed to work together in a fashion that is not haphazard, nor random.  It is well planned, executed and designed to engage and inspire the customer to make a purchasing decision. From a car, yacht, a hotel room, a designer shoe or a handbag.

Speaking of designer handbags..and the fashion runway…

How many designer handbags can you buy? The experience is still the same:  The company presents a collection, you pick one, you pay for it. What would happen if there was a handbag “disruption” of the sales experience that was so revolutionary that the purchase of this handbag, which has been presented in a company store or website, was actually re-tooled to do something entirely different? This would set it apart from other handbags, and make things truly interesting. The fashion runway is literally an age old format, but only Burberry saw its immediate use by using an orchestrated version of digital channels to take away the “one-trick” pony aspect of a runway show.  It was brilliant and more companies are beginning to explore how to show their flagship collections through a cross channel marketing approach.  This will effect how you audience experiences the collections not only via a fashion show, but via other touch points as well. Fashion and luxury are still behind on digital channels as they have yet to realize that they are the “maestro” of their own symphony that must be integrated at all points for maximizing the power of the runway show throughout their product offerings.

 I can’t wait. 

ARTIFICE ATELIER is a Branding & Luxury Events Agency.  We are also content strategists and digital creators.  Our world is fashion, lifestyle, beauty and luxury in Los Angeles and Paris.

  • Editor’s Note:  Quoted from Linked in Article by Ted Jacobs*,  Vice President, Design W Hotels, St. Regis, Le Meridien Worldwide.

Photography:  Basil Soda: ARTIFICE VIEW OF COLLECTION FALL 2013 PARIS Evening Wear – permission by Alexander Boulais Communications.

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