How to Create a Memorable Brand: Cult, Legend or Iconic

imageimageWhat Makes a Legend or Creates Icon Status?   How did a simple black dress achieve cult status, or a printed scarf from Paris, or a little jacket with gold buttons and woven trim?

What makes a legend, is the story.  Passion,  creativity and even a bit of drama.

Who creates the legend?  A persona, a character, or a personality.  Just add the drama and stir.

What is it about a particular piece that makes it so unique?  Craftsmanship or its quality combined with the materials can make for pure luxury as an object, as art or as an experience.  A quirky piece that can achieve cult status, has its own atmosphere.  Cult Status, is the first step in becoming an icon, then if you are lucky, you can become a legend.  The order goes a bit something like this:

  • Cult Status  – Viral Social Media
  • Legendary Status – Traditional Media
  • Iconic Status-Word of Mouth &  All Media

A curated combination of  social media, advertising, word of mouth, celebrity endorsements, cult status and good old fashioned fame.  A heady cocktail of almost imperceptible qualities take your brand creation into the stratosphere.  Perfect words.  Ideal images that match the vision for the brand to capture the audience.

Are you committed to the journey? If you are, then your brand can achieve its own cult status and if you are lucky,  it might become legendary.



Invention is the Mother of a Brand: Old School Values Improve New School Ideas

I am going to sing the praises of invention; the creation of anything with traditional values of goodness, quality, beauty or craftsmanship that is built into a new invention of a product, or service. 

It could be luxurious, simple, timeless, efficient, or just a ‘darn good idea’, but chances are, it will be something that is based on an old fashioned idea rooted in the human experience.

“What is so good about the old school stuff, anyway?” said one of the audience members at a recent tech conference I attended. For those of you out there who don’t really remember things like a “record player”  a “dial up phone” or heaven forbid a “date” with that “cute guy in the front row of class”  who asked you out without a phone app to help him, as if you were the only girl on the planet.

But, I digress.

With a mixture of  New-Tech”  and “Old School” to connect humans on a more personal scale, a product or service should breakthrough the ceiling of the usual way of doing things; bringing together community, touching on personal needs or helping people do something in a whole new way without “product speak” or  “tech” jargon to get in the way.  Tell your brand story as if you are sharing around the campfire.  It can be rough around the edges, or soft inside with a chewy center.

Believe in the heart of your audiences, their hopes, aspirations or goals and you will be heard above the noise.


"I Could Crumple the City Into a Ball," Lorna Alkana Art

“Takin’ it to the Streets” – Dr. Marcel Saucet’s TOP 10 STREET MARKETING ™ TIPS

STREET MARKETING:  The Future of Guerrilla Marketing & Buzz

How do brands cut through all the noise and get to the people who will engage with their products or services?  How can a brand be memorable to the audience of socially savvy digital consumers? 

“The Street is the umbilical cord that connects the individual to Society”  


This quote by Victor Hugo predicts a future that he could not have imagined. We are still individuals and part of a greater society but we are not bound by borders, distance or time anymore.  Humanity now exists both “online and offline” and this presents marketers with a number of places to reach their audiences.

Social Media has proven to be the most direct way to get consumers to re-play your messages, but to create a powerful impact on a variety of platforms, there needs to be something more.   STREET MARKETING ™  is designed to make a memorable impression on the consumer by creating an immediate experience about the brand. The consumer is usually completely unaware he or she is part of a marketing operation.  The street, or “offline”  marketing operations are real, human and memorable and very effective in driving the message.  Subtle or direct  STREET MARKETING ™  has taken over where the old school “Guerrilla” marketing  left off by “touching customers as they go about their daily lives”.

Dr. Marcel Saucet is a visiting professor of marketing at University of San Diego, has co-written Harvard Business  School papers and recently published his third book on the subject.   This lively Frenchman has created a variety of unique campaigns that engage and challenge the consumer in new and innovative ways by meeting them as they walk to work, take a bus or sit on a park bench.

Dr. Saucet calls it “High-jacking” the urban world of the streets to implement your  marketing message in an endless number of creative ways. His infectious energy as a public speaker reminds you that marketing is not boring; it’s about innovation, taking calculated risks, running a successful ‘on the ground ‘operation that will guarantee your best results.  

About the Author:  Dr. Saucet  shares his Top 10 Tips” for creating a successful operation to help you with your own small business campaigns.  Of course, these tips apply to any type of campaign, large or small.  

The ‘ Do’s & Don’ts’ of a successful  STREET MARKETING ™ Campaign

  • DO BRAINSTORM about ideas with your team with and consider any and all ideas as you begin.
  • DO USE YOUR CREATIVITY to gather ideas that the competition hasn’t considered.
  • DON’T BE AFRAID OF A NEW IDEA, it will make the most impact on the Consumer.
  • DO KEEP YOUR EYE ON REALITY such as the Budget, Objectives and be sure its FUN!
  • DON’T Set Everything in Stone, be prepared to RESPOND TO CHANGES when they APPEAR.
  • DO HIJACK EXISTING MEDIA Platforms to gain media attention to amplify your campaign using a variety of channels.

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Editor’s Update:  Dr. Marcel’s Book has just received an award as the top Marketing book for 2015 by the USA BOOK AWARDS.  Congratulations ! 

Street Marketing: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz suggests novel, unconventional methods of marketing communication to help readers differentiate their offerings and brands and stand out amidst a sea of products and advertisements. Aimed at both companies and marketing students, Street MarketingTM: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz includes a thorough analysis of the current crisis of conventional marketing in a brand society, an argument for the need for new approaches to the emerging market, and a discussion of then compelling advantages of Street MarketingTM with regard to cost, impact, and more.

Street Marketing ™: The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz (hardcover, $37.00) is available on and through Amazon.

About Dr. Marcel:   His new book,  STREET MARKETING ™  “The Future of Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz” is now available on AMAZON. com.*Quotes used by permission from the Introduction of the book.  Publisher:  ABC-CLIO LLC, available as an ebook:


Swarovski & Misfit Go Glam (or go home) with their new wearables

The world of wearables took a huge step up when Misfit and Swarovski partnered to create monitors that look well, gorgeous. The Swarovski monitors are both stylish and one even solves the problem of battery recharging, a huge issue in the world of wearables. Getting people to ‘wear the wearable’ is also one of the industry challenges. There shouldn’t be much of an issue here, these designs are truly gorgeous. Swarovski and Misfit have delivered with 9 stunning and unique accessories for all Misfit Shine devices. Two new, fully waterproof wearables: 

A clear Swarovski Shine with a brilliant crystal face and a violet Swarovski Shine which uses a patented “energy crystal” technology to power itself. In “Misfit’s own words, “This is the world’s first wireless activity and sleep monitor that utilizes an energy harvesting technology to enable it to never require charging or replacing of batteries. Simply expose the violet Swarovski Shine to light to keep it charged.”

All that glitters in the world of wearables, is indeed, pure gold where a strategic partnership brings about a unique new kind of wearable that solves what are the issues in the space: batteries, data, wearability and design all wrapped up in an intriguing package. Misfit has a solid history in the wearables industry, and has already provided a stylish set of unique units that combine both design and functionality. 

 Getting the world onto the platform is perhaps the most difficult aspect of a wearable as we are already so busy with our cell phones, what do we need another device for?  By making the item fashionable, covetable, desireable, is the true job of the wearables industry aside from innovation.  Humans are funny beings who enjoy both good and bad habits, equally. With an aging population around the world, the chic and fun wearable is already in demand for this sector, but a youthful audience of millennials will be the ones to watch, as they are the most mobile-ready generation on the planet earth.  
For more information go to the Svorvski Website, for their new line up. has all information on the technology and applications.  



Fashion Week Partnerships: Image Creation is the Heart of Fashion Week – Join Us!


ARTIFICE ATELIER proposes a fashion week student partnership with technology companies, camera and imaging companies, hairstyle and make-up sponsors.  Pilot Program was initiated in 2014 and the School has invited us back to return with a host of opportunities for students to participate in Fashion Week, Paris 2015/16.

A brand can be exposed to the students, the school and engage with the local community surrounding Paris Fashion Week.  A period of advanced publicity on social media will be created by Artifice Atelier in tandem woth the school and Brand Sponsors.

Paris School of Art & Design Partnership with Image Brand, Fashion, Beauty Brands offers a unique partnership to support photography or fashion students in a variety of ways during Paris Fashion Week:

  • Offer Equipment and training for Photography Students with Camera Sponsor.
  • Offer Beauty Partnership for Students to shoot backstage with Beauty Sponsor
  • Offer Panel of Experts from Industry,  Publicists, Brand Representatives, Image Experts to review Student Work
  • Contest or Photo scholarship offered by Camera Sponsor to Community
  • Full Access to Marketing Channels of School with Curated Content
  • Social Media Marketing Content & Images for marketing and promotional use by Brands
  • Documentary footage of entire program
  • Post-Fashion Week Report for PR, Social Media and Advertising/Promotions

Artifice Atelier is seeking sponsorship and will provide a detailed account of all PR, Social Media and Publicity for all brands who participate in partnership with the Paris School of Art & Design.

For Further Information and Proposal:  email us at:

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