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Launching a retail store that is both lifestyle experience and a home to interior designers is not as easy as it sounds.  Digital Channels with a unique content strategy will be created which builds equity and engagements online. Local neighborhood buzz as well as city-wide notoriety is a first step and a welcoming space filled with unique collections of eclectic designer collections that will be curated by local experts and designers.

Join us as we begin the project and see how we’ll build a luxury lifestyle brand and its digital counterparts to create something extraordinary.


Anya Hindmarch: When is a brand, a Bag? (or Vice Versa)

Anya’s new bags for spring 2014 are serving the intelligent woman who knows her own style.  She’s a early adaptor, not a follower who rushes out to purchase a designer bag just to follow the trends.  She likes to make a statement that is outside ‘the usual’. Fashion and style are hers to write on her own; no one will tell her how to wear it, do it or be it.  She’s a follower of Anya Hindmarch, but that’s where it ends.

The Anya Hindmarch customer was not in the play book of the typical luxury marketing executive (usually male) who think they “know” what women want. The ‘creator driven’ brands have an innate sense of what works, a passion for what they do, and a drive to bring others to their point of view that is decidedly apart from what might be considered “usual”.  This might describe Coco Chanel or Donatella Versace, or Miucca Prada all female “creator driven” luxury brands that are now legendary. Finding the “essence” of this magic touch is not easy and many have tried, but few can make it.  Anya Hindmarch, has this touch of magic that has grown over the years from what was a non-serious bag to this spring collection that is approaching a true luxury style.  Her clients don’t want to be luxury clients, they want to have something apart from the typical, but they are getting older and wiser, and want something a bit more enduring.  This spring collection has reflected this changing taste, and her expansion of her brand message.

That’s the key for a brand that grows over time:  They take their customer on a journey that educates, enlightens and inspires them to stay with the customer who will embrace your vision. 






When Luxury Brands go to the Table: Delicous!

Here is the new restaurant designed and “supervised”  by DOLCE & GABANA, Italian couture fashion house.  This is the new way a brand can expand its platform into new areas that can only be considered….well, Brand Experiences.  As luxury brands leave behind their devotion to the flagship retail store, and head into the luxury lifestyle business to brand restaurants, hotels suites and more.   The race to find ways to engage the consumer on a variety of platforms is admirable, but does it cost the companies in a dilution of the brand equity?

The restaurant business, like the fashion business has to constantly be in change mode once the typical consumer is tired of it.  So, we predict that while these restaurants have a nice opening “new car smell” they’ll have to “Review, Refresh and Renew” just like a  new handbag or shoe…and that can get expensive.  Can’t wait to see the menu, though, can only imagine the delicious Italian delicacies and wait, could the dessert be 24 Karat Gold?