Ladies First: Women Founders are VC Investors Dream Girls:  So Gals Ventures 2016

What is the hottst ticket in Silicon Valley today?  An invitation to join SO GALS TECH BOOT CAMP and Finals where the judges hail from VCs around the world and in the valley.  The focus is women entrepreneurs and their unique ideas to change the world.  Sure, the guys are here too, to lend a hand for a unique line-up of tech start-ups that feature powerful ideas to empower, inspire and improve the world. The focus on start-ups with an interchange between Asia and the US is the focus of this organization, SO GAL VENTURES that has taken on the VC world by storm.  

The companies range from marketing data interfaces, to home pharmacy delivery, to a payment system to empower women in Indonesia.  The reading platform “Check It” enables people to read summaries of books to improve their knowledge.  “Roar for Good” is a US based start-up that gives women a safety button to call for help and improves the future safety in the community.  “Kitterly” is an online knitting supplies website that reaches 11 million knitters. Not those little old ladies that make that scarf you never wear, ah, no.  This start-up reaches the “on the go mom” who loves to craft.  Another company, TEZIGN is a platform to hire free lance designers.  What each start-up will show is that there is alot of clever, unique, exciting ideas out there.  What is the message, here?

Ladies First!  Women Entrepneurs are in the front row of the Start-Up scene and SO GAL VENTURES is changing the world for the next gen of young women around the world. For more information: