India Hicks Independent Brand Ambassador Pikke Allen

Launches POP UP with KIEHL’s 

On June 23, the India Hicks lifestyle brand represented by over 800+ brand ambassador’s across the US will launch officially in Santa Monica in a POP UP format at Kiehl’s Apothecary as a partnership organized by luxury event strategist, Pikke Allen who has experience producing luxury launches and events in Paris for American Expats.

As a new representative for the INDIA HICKS brand, Ms. Allen brings her luxury media experience to the brand story created by English aristocrat INDIA HICKS.  Known in the IH company as the “Island Getaway” story that tells of her escape from London and celebrates the casual elegance of the Bahamas blended with British heritage and traditions.  A unique element of the brand legacy also involves her hommage to her father, well known interior designer DAVID HICKS.

The partnership for this event with Kiehl’s is one that brings the clients of Kiehl’s as well as the neighborhood directly in touch with the atmosphere, experience and quality of the INDIA HICKS luxury collections that range from accessories, handbags, jewelry, perfume/Scents and beauty.  India Hicks has also published two recent books on interior design that will be available for purchase as well.

Ms. Allen will be present in the store during regular store hours on June 23rd (10 am to 7 pm) to present the collections.  A raffle will also be part of the day for customers to win a gift from the collection and with a $100 purchase the entrant qualifies for a special luxury gift from the India Hicks perfume and scent collections. Kiehl’s will offer mini facials for guests.

Ms. Allen is available to book both office and home events that are also very successful for charity fundraising.  The efforts of India Hicks Indpendent Ambassadors across the US to bring charitable organizations together with their businesses is another major component of the brand.  Hosts are able to choose the charity they wish to raise funds by working together with their local brand representative to bring their friends, family and community together for good.  This summer there is already an effort underway to raise $100,000 for charity over the next three months by the company and its Brand Ambassadors.

For further information and to book a mini facial at Kiehl’s , we encourage you to contact the store directly to get an appointment. To preview the collections, you can go to the specific link offered here, to shop the event from your home.


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