Get Together & Give Together with INDIA HICKS: Fall Season News

This Month the Fall 2018 Collection will be launched and the GET TOGETHER-GIVE TOGETHER charity support is the DNA of the INDIA HICKS BRAND.  Ambassadors are able to designate their own 401c charity along with their hostesses.  They can dedicate 5% or more of their sales and join corporate IH who joins in by automatically adding the 5% to all sales from each event.  Along with the affordable luxury of the brand and INDIA HICKS’s own unique personality the mix of quality, luxury and a brand story make this brand a unique way to start your own business.

This month, the ARTIFICE ATELIER agency will be launching the FALL COLLECTIONS through a series of events that will feature both the Fall Collection and recently launched skincare line “UNEXPECTED BEAUTY” featured in a luxury suite.  Event Details are listed on the EVENTS page of our magazine.   Events are BY INVITATION only and focus on women’s own personal social group and partnerships with charity groups that bring together the story and integrity of the brand.

Fall Events start in August on the 10th and 11th and continue on August 17th in the Westside area of Los Angeles, CA 

EDITOR’s NOTE:  (Full disclosure) The Owner of ARTIFICE ATELIER AGENCY is a full time INDIA HICKS Ambassador.

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