Champagne Start-Up: Building the Bubbles

When you think of the Champagne region in France you might think about the more well known names such as VEUVE CLICQUOT, RUINART or TATTINGER but there are a number of smaller houses who have been in the region all along; many of them are reviving their unique histories to put a modern spin on a classical beverage.  Pol August Couronne, founder of the house POL COURONNE was born in 1862 in Hautvillers located in the heart of the champagne region.  A family relation has taken over the tradition with the opening of a chic and accessible tasting room in the center of Reims. POL Couronne is one of those names that has always been in the region, first and foremost as a grower and now, a family member has taken up the business as both a grower and producer of a unique collection of champagnes.  You don’t have to drive far to experience this lovely champagne, as the house has created something new in downtown REIMS: a Champagne Tasting Room complete with tables and umbrellas like a sidewalk cafe with a jewel box style interior to showcase their champagne collections.  President/CEO Jean-Baptiste Prevost, has taken up the banner with his wife who is part of the team to bring together this newly created brand in REIMS that brings back an authentic family tradition.  With a background in Mergers and Acquisitions, Jean-Batiste has become like one of the “tech startups” of the champagne industry with his ‘out of the box’ approach to launching the company that is based on time honored traditions of a family champagne house.
Urban Chic Tasting Room: Stop By to Enjoy a Glass
The tasting room was oncea jewelry store now converted to a friendly space where you can enjoy his collection both at an outdoor table with a view of the Cathedral or in a private tasting by appointment.  Bottles are displayed in their rightful place inside the  glass vitrines.  At this time, he does not take guests to the vineyards. All of the POL CORRONNE champagnes are made by hand and carefully blended to create a collection that reflects both a new vision for the future of champagne and a respect for the classical flavors that you are familiar with; Chardonnay grapes, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir to the Rose variety that is a unique blend of Coteaux Champenois and Pinot Meunier showing off that hint of red fruit in the blend. The 75-25 GRAND CRU is using a classical blend of Pinot Noir but added with 24% Chardonnay to keep that fresh classic flavor.
The Pol Couronne Collection: (*prices may vary so please check the website) 
How to arrange your tasting:
Its best to consult the website to check on appointments or simply call in and speak to their English speaking staff to set up a preferred time.  If you’ve just “arrived” in REIMS you can also simply stop by the tasting room and they will be happy to serve you right off the A La Carte menu at 11 cours Langlet – 51100 REIMS or go online to explore the options. From the Paris CDG airport to take the TGV to REIMS, either way, the ride to the center of REIMS is very short. The showroom is located on a central street that leads directly into the center of the city via the TRAMWAY line marked by the PINK line on your map. Tours to other places in the area are presented by the TOURIST OFFICE in Central REIMS where you can explore lots of touring
Editor’s Note: Pol Corrone can be shipped to you in the USA (*where allowable) via an importer who handles all the details so simply tell your host what you wish to do. If your state does not accept shipments no doubt you have a friend or relative who can.
See the map on the website at:   At the REIMS TOURISME center you can reserve an appointment both in person and online by emailing. If you are renting an airbnb accommodation, you can also book a tasting directly from

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