Come Fly With Me: Kaleidoskope Travel Relaunches in 2020

I am too young to remember my grandfather in his prime; he was a daring adventurer with handsome movie star looks; a cinematographer, a magician and raconteur. He was a stunt  flyer who photographed the San Francisco Bay Bridge from an airplane while it was being constructed.  I wanted to honor my grandfather (and all adventurers and flyers) who went to places that few dared to venture so I share his dashing photo here.


A magazine that is the sum of its parts:  Worldwide Travel Bloggers Are Invited

I am pleased to announce the merger of  KALEIDOSKOPE MEDIAtravel website with Artifice Atelier.   KALEIDOSKOPE is an eco-sensitive travel platform started in 2014 by myself and Sara Rodriguez creator of Mindfultravelby Sara    an expert on  unique travel destinations as well as Latin American travel. Vacations are more than just a “selfie” to show your friends so we invite travelers to participate and be empowered to support NGOs and to donate a portion of your vacation spend to charities that work around the world. We are asking our travel partners to help us by donating a percentage of their profits when you book with them.

Kaleidoskope Magazine: A Collective Voice

As the new Editor and Chief of the KALEIDOSKOPE magazine, I will invite contributors (see the Pavilion ) to share stories on regions around the world.  You will benefit from the unique group of writers tips and advice from an eco perspective.   My favorite city, Paris has always been my specialty as I grew up there (*Dad was a French teacher) and you can connect with me at  to see ten (10) years of Paris visits and impressions.  As a resident of California and in-state traveler,  I will open up this region from a native point of view and share the beauty of the Left Coast.  We have had a rough few years, but as the 6th largest world economy, there is a unique diversity here you will not experience anywhere else in the USA in climate, food and the people.

Adventures in wine and food will complete our first build out and as a devoted foodie we will start with experiences and group tours and classes to get you started.  Did you know you can make pasta in Bologna, learn to make chocolate with a French Pastry expert outside Paris or attend a private truffle hunt or pick olives on a sustainable farm in Italy? 

The world is a community and our citizenship requires we participate in it. 

We’ll offer partners a chance to join our booking platform and be featured in our magazine and expand their social media presence.  We will also offer hospitality partners social media programs to enhance their brand and visibility.  We have experience in providing hotels with press events, luxury partners and customers. I look forward to inviting a curated group of partners who will be part of enhancing your travel experiences.

I look forward to inviting you on many journeys and explorations that you can easily book via our personalized service or directly online with our partners.

Bon Voyage and Happy New Year!

Pikke Allen Editor in Chief and Co-founder