How the Boss does a super bowl ad.

When two ICONS come together the Boss Decides how its done.

Watch this Short Video JEEP commercial before reading on. Spoiler Alert: There is a Great American ICON in this commercial.

Super Bowl Commercials are the GOLD STANDARD for advertisers in a climate where it’s difficult to get everyone’s attention. This audience is perhap particular audience is one of the most dedicated around the world.

The unique place of characteristic brands is they rarely mingle, or mix together. They keep their distance. Lately, music icons and Super bowl advertising will come together in a unique way: Bruce Springsteen, will lend his voice, face and iconic status to JEEP. But wait, there’s more. The message is what captured Bruce’s attention as the ‘get’ of this particular iconic American musician took at least 10 years according to the parties involved. But, the wait, was well worth it.

What makes a unique American icon agree to participate? The center of the spot is more like a short movie, a message and a spiritual moment. So, we break it down:

Almost invisible product shots (you have to look hard for it)

Limited musical background (music and jingle is not the message)

Voice over with Iconic Face Shots (narration is key feature with visuals)

Message that is integrated carefully into the camera shots (editing was an important element) here.

Wrap that all up with some amazing close ups of the ICON (The face is the message that cannot be put into words).

Now, put that together and you have the new platinum standard for a SUPER BOWL advertising. I guess for me if I can’t shed a tear or be moved at the game then it’s just not the same experience.

Ok, well the laughter part is great too, when we can’t all be together in a stadium, let’s hope next year, we can.

Editor’s Note:

Bruce himself, according to the agency representatives helped to craft his visit to the centerpiece location. He also asked that his home state, New Jersey be featured.