Artifice Paris, The Paris Adventuress

ARTIFICE is a film, television and commercial stylist with a background in arts and culture and film/media. In addition, her independent agency develops writing projects, blogs and bring together luxury brands with charity fundraising. Recently merged with Kaleidoskope Media ( a travel media platform. The platform aims to raise awareness and fundraise while curating travel experiences around the world with sustainable travel Tips + Hacks.

Art Deco and Haute Couture in Paris

Genesis of a Luxury Brand: The intersection of Commerce, Art, Technology and Personality The DNA of a luxury brand involves heritage, quality, craftsmanship and history. The unique synergy of art, design, literature, theater, film with commerce  happened 100 years ago, in Late 19th and early 20th century Paris where the Luxury Brand was born.  The cross-pollination […]


Tell me a Story: LUXury Branded Content

We have been reviewing  2010 campaigns of  luxury brands and their branded content and its been impressive.  2010 was a stellar year. Jude Law’s appearance,  directed by Guy Ritchie for Christian Dior Men’s Cologne, the Louis Vuitton iphone app  and Museum opening in Paris, to Burberry’s “Art of the Trench”  or the Hermes “Skateboard” mini-film; […]


ECO and LUXE: Can they live together in harmony?

These two words are unique unto themselves, and very powerful when placed together. A quick search on Google reveals that many businesses are selling the idea that “sustainability” is chic.  A product is sustainable not only in its manufacture, and materials, but as vintage or re-purposed from a previous incarnation.  Artists have discovered the beauty of […]