About the ATELIER



The eight year anniversary is coming up since that day in Paris in 2010 when I realized that the lines which divided business and entertainment were going to blur and creatives could step into the ring.  The Atelier was created to address this divide between your business and storytelling essential for your brand.

A great brand always begins with a great story.  As a bespoke Atelier, we’re perfectly suited to create your story and strategy.  We believe in craftsmanship, history, research and inspired execution and that magic ingredient, ‘personality‘.  The age of digital platforms demands more of our time each day as we engage with it on a variety of devices.  That’s why an event is often best way to introduce your audience to your brand. After over 15 years in film production in television and features, luxury boutique events in Paris and Los Angeles, we are uniquely suited to assist your company.

We see ourselves as the artist-adventurers in this vast landscape where imagination works together with live experiences for your brand.  We are the creative in the room and a fresh eye for your current brand strategy.

We hope you’ll invite us on your next,great adventure to share your story.

A Bientot!

Pikke Allen, Principal & Chief Storyteller