About the ATELIER


Welcome! Happy New Year 2018. 

We are Creatives, Storytellers and Voyagers.

A great brand always begins with a great story.  That is where you begin your relationship with your customers.

We started our journey in 2011 when the idea of social media and unique content was just beginning to be understood.  At this juncture, its been proven that the power of a story to drive business is the most important element of your marketing plan.   What is the story? It’s authentic, engaging and separates you from the crowd.

As a bespoke Atelier, we’re perfectly suited  for the luxury market or any creation that demands a unique story.  We believe in craftsmanship, history, research and inspired execution and that magic ingredient, ‘personality’.   This new age of digital platforms can defy reasonable explanation and demands more of our time each day as we engage with it on a variety of devices.  The ‘overload’, is already here.  That’s why an event that is both real and authentic can often be the best way to introduce or engage your audience.  With our event partners both in Los Angeles and in Paris, France, we are able to assist you with boutique luxury style events to engage your exclusive audiences.

We see ourselves as the artist-adventurers in this vast landscape where imagination works together with you and your big idea.  We are the creative in the room and sometimes a fresh eye on what you are doing, right now. 

We hope you’ll invite us on your next,great adventure.

Pikke Allen, Principal & Chief Storyteller


Editor’s Note:  The Artifice Atelier is a group of Consultants who bring you the best of digital arts,  graphics, advertising, content strategy and  marketing using social media tools for your business.  With combined backgrounds in film, television media, video, social media, art direction, photography/graphics, advertising this group has over 25 years of experience.

Just a few bullet points for those of you who like the bottom line:

  • Online Magazines and Blogs (US and France) Travel, Fashion, Beauty for Advertorial, Beauty Bloggers Team
  • Luxury Branded Events – Media Coverage, Advertising, Sponsorship and Social Media, Charity Platforms.
  • Fashion Commentary, Reviews, Fashion Show Coverage, International (Paris) Domestic (New York)
  • Film and Television –  Content Strategy/Commentary/Script Analysis/Budgets.
  • Video and Interactive Media – Development of Advertorial Content, Reportage, Social Media Platforms.
  • Red Carpet Reporting, Writing, Commentary and Video Social Media to drive engagements.

Note: Our consultants are under contract with our agency and work as team members or through our referrals with a 10% Agency Fee Required for referral bookings. 

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