ARTIFICE: Luxury Events Gallery



AUGUST 2018 INDIA HICKS FALL EVENTS:   August 10. 11th and August 17th

For Schedule Please Inquire.  For Events Open to the Public in Retail settings by special request.  EMAIL:   Selected Events Donate 10% to Charity.


Join us in September 2018 For our Coverage of Spring 2019 Fashion Week !
ARTIFICE has covered Fashion Week’s since 2012 in New York and Focuses on Paris since 2012 Runway coverage.  Our photographers are local professionals and our coverage is available for licensing and Brand Partnerships. 

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We Put Luxury Brands into Charitable Events and Special Presentations:
Our Integrated Events combine luxury brands and media with charitable development or fundraising to showcase events in Los Angeles and feature European Boutique Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brands for Celebrity audiences.Tell Your Brand Story with Community Support and Advocacy with our Charity Programs:
Charity Partners:  One Hope WinesUBUNTU AFRICA,  HALF THE SKY MOVEMENT, KALEIDOSKOPE TRAVEL WORLD CHARITIES, Physicians Without Borders (Paris)
ARTIFICE on the Red Carpet Covers Your Story for fashion and luxury at Awards Shows, Gift Suites, and more.    (*photo taken BY ARTIFICE on the Red Carpet,  Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman).  Copyright 2012
Branded Experiences for Exclusive Luxury Brands that combines Social Media Strategy, Advertising Placements, Newsletters,  Public Relations La-Duree-macarons-in-box
Gifting Suites for Luxury Products in Beauty and Lifestyles:  
Call for Sponsorship and Press Opportunities:  Los Angeles & Paris & CANNES
Please Request our Events Deck for Luxury Events.

 Our Presentation at the Golden Globes 2012 – at L’ERMITAGE HOTEL –  for HAYARI Perfumes & Couture,  Paris  *(Pictured here, winner, Best Screenplay – “THE DESCENDENTS”

Shailene Woodley, "The Descendents" and HAYARI PERFUME

NOTE:  Photos Above used by Talent Permission and GBK Productions.  Nicole Kidman and  Keith Urban, photo by ARTIFICE at Country Western Music Awards 2012.



Photo by ARTIFICE.


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    Secondly, I am sorry it took so long to reply, I am seriously a bit overwhelmed this past year so I am just now realizing that hey, “people are reading my stuff” sort of thing. And for that, many thanks!

    ARTIFICE, aka P. Allen
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