2011 Predictions: We see a luxurious future

With all the doom and gloom predicted for the American economy, and, the world, for that matter, it was a huge leap of faith that we decided that everyone needed advertising, and, that the media buys for this past year would exceed expectations.  2010 was the biggest year for online media buys in history.  Not that traditional media is gone, its just re-calibrated to drive audiences to the web. The typical luxury audience is very happy to spend time doing research, and, they love a good read.  But, with the 9 million ipad units sold in 2010 its quite clear that the audience is getting information, from digital platforms. The luxury markets, hit hard by recessionary trends were thought to be on a downward spiral.  Not so, as late December market trends predicted.  I saw the trends myself, while on a consulting project with a top nationwide lifestyle store in the US.  People were scooping up luxury foods, teas, sweets and pricey imported kitchen appliances that they had waited all year to buy. Our luxury clients know that service, a beautiful product and unparalleled quality is their number one priority. This is just one aspect of the luxury sector along with the key factor of providing a window into the unique,  the unusual or rare experiences that only a luxury product or service can provide.  A true luxury product or service purveyor knows that whatever they do, it must be the best, and, that is the simple truth of being successful in this new age of luxury.