INTERIOR DESIGNERS: Your digital footprint

Interior designers work in many areas when serving a client.  With the execution of designs for hotels, lobbies, homes, rooms, gardens, and many other venues their jobs are in constant motion.   The issue for many designers who are essentially small business owners, is that the “marketing department” ends up being themselves. This is an overwhelming job and not for the faint of heart.  The many digital channels that lately have become available are very intensive and demand a learning curve that may be too steep for you to climb between lunch and dinner.  That’s why there are platforms that make it easier for you, the designer, to reach clients you may not already know you have.  Sure, the website is helpful and works like a magazine for your showcasing your work.  A Facebook page is nice, but, are you really using a strategy for your social media and, did you know you needed one?  Do you have a brand strategy for your business that works with all the digital channels?   What makes your digital “footprint” unique?  Your digital “personality” on line,  is critical to reaching potential clients and can work for you while you sleep.

These are critical questions that make it easy to be overwhelmed.  Your digital footprint can make a huge difference in developing your business both now, and in the future.   The most important aspect of this is to define and create your digital presence just like you create the space in a room.  If  you can think of your digital strategy in the same terms as decorating a room, you are closer to discovering how you can use these 21st century tools to improve your business. The fine art of digital communications for your small business is what will make the difference between successful client outreach and your ability to convert browsers into buyers.