A Bespoke Tailored Suit: The Last Bastion of True Luxury Goes East

We’re not telling all the secrets that one would hear at the tailor shop, no, we’ve worked in Hollywood and we know this is just not done.  The truth behind the Savile Row Suit is legendary, and we’ll just begin here by saying that we’re all for that perfectly tailored, hand-stitched suit that makes a Banker look the part. We get it and we’re in awe at this hundred plus year old tradition that is true origin of all that is, menswear.  But wait, there’s more.

Now, we hear through the grapevine that in fact, London tailors are attempting to franchise this luxury service. Is it possible to take something that based its reputation on hand-made luxury quality and “go wide” as they say, but not lose the origins of the concept?  That is one question that is on the minds of every luxury brand marketer as we speak.  Is this tradition of  British luxury, workmanship and rare materials possible to “Franchise”?  The tailors at Gieves and Hawkes hope so. That’s why they are moving their business to Shanghai. Once there, they’ll  take advantage of the fast track growth in the wealthy sectors that has all the luxury companies rushing over to meet the demand. Luxury marketers are waiting to see if any luxury or bespoke service can really be, “all this and more”.

So, if anyone of you gentleman out there has a take on this,  and orders a suit from a Savile Row tailor, do check in, we want to know what the experience was like, from start, to finish with no secrets, required. 

The Editors