Its all about the Mix: Social Media and Luxury Brands

The problem of integration exists today across all platforms amongst a (high) number of luxury brands.  In a surprising number of cases, brands neglect even the simplest points of social integration, including creating links from brand sites to social media profiles. The time has come for marketers to get these simple points of integration right; the next step in social for business will have more to do with innovation.  Developers have spent the last couple years laying the pipeline for social interaction but in the next generation the most successful marketers will figure out how to take this engagement and data to the next step and carry it into our environments of luxury”.     (@laurenprocter32)

For those of us who are just getting the hang of social media, this is one of the issues that has caused much consternation in small and large businesses, and most especially, in the luxury sector.   How do we take that content and harness it for the greater good of a luxury brand? Last week,  the New York Times announced that they were going to “try” unedited, raw, and “curated” Twitter feeds created by a few editors rather than an automatic feed.  Wow. Seriously. This has taken the idea of raw news and “editorial” from a venerable publication to a whole new level and we hope UP and not DOWN.  We think that the most fearful part of social media for most luxury brands is that they just cant “serve it” up anymore and have full control of the results. The art of Social Media is all about the integration of the programs and keeping the “islands” of each media you service connected across the platforms into an integrated program.  The inovation that can occur will be an interesting adventure and we look forward to it.

We plan to invite some more social media  brains to comment, so, please feel free to do so!

The Editor