The Fine Art of Giving: ‘Tis the Season

In the season of giving, it makes perfect sense that everyone is rushing out to discover the perfect luxury gift.  This gave us pause, as we considered the fine art of luxury and what that may mean to everyone.  Yes, it means different things to different people, and we don’t just mean choosing the color of your new Rolls Royce, though we do agree, that can be quite nice.  The fine art of giving is to know when and where to give the right gift, and also, ‘the what” is also part of this.  Our idea of luxury is to discover something that is unique, special, and perhaps an experience, and not just a very “fancy thing’ to impress your friends.  This trend of discovering luxury through a unique and artful gift, is bubbling up to the surface. As an example, we considered what gift to purchase for a friend, who, say, has everything material, and, really wants for nothing.  What is the perfect gift?

Our answer was to find something small, perfect and in this case, it was a Christmas Tree Ornament that had a message: “A Donation was made in your name….”  to a good cause…” . This we felt was the perfect gift: The gift of Charity.  Now, the person with whom you are gifting, can have a moment to consider, “I am part of a world community that gives to those who do not have” and also, specifically, its a cause that may be dear to them or to you.  The Gift, of giving, is very powerful when its also part of giving back.  This makes for extraordinary giving and brings us to our idea that truly giving, is a fine art.

May the season bring you, moments of joy, and the discovery of the Fine Art of Giving, back.