New Year’s Resolutions 2012: “Our Luxe List”

You may think that this sort of list involves luxurious things we might wish for, but our list is a bit different. This year was a bit like a chapter in a Jane Austen novel.  While many continued as they were, many retrenched or re-grouped.   Some quitted their current situations, ‘moved to Bath’ as the Elliots did and  purchased “less” luxury than in previous years.  This created a new kind of luxury market, that has to be rethought, a bit.  This word, “Luxury” is a concept that has different meanings to everyone; it occurs to us that perhaps the term, has begun to outlive its meaning or needs to be re-defined.

The Harrison Group, who are focused on this sort of thing have re-confirmed:  The search for meaning, contribution, community awareness,  and other sustainable practices has touched everyone.  Purchase decisions that were once driven by  accumulation, has subsided.   Quality, history, craftsmanship with a sense of the unique or extraordinary is in.  The message that connects luxury goods, services or experiences to sustainability is also going to be an important trend this year adding double meaning to the word.  The new meaning of luxury, inspired our LUXE LIST, and we decided to go with the idea…

We hope that your New Year will bring to you life’s “little” luxuries that create joy, happiness and give back to those around you in a number of ways, to infinite to count.


Pikke Allen, Principal


ARTIFICE ATELIER TEAM:  Our list of Luxury New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

  • Giving to a Charity of Choice…right in  your own backyard to help your community.
  • Sharing a luxury with a friend or neighbor who is not as fortunate as you this past year.
  • Communicate with whom you have not spoken..wish them well.
  • Time.  The Luxury of time and sharing with someone you Love.  Put away the laptop.  This is human, people.
  • Share a hand-made gift:  A Jar of Jam, a Home-made Pie…cookies, or something from the warmth of your own home.
  • Promise to exercise and walk…and see what’s around you in your neighborhood..take care of your health.
  • Enjoy the  luxury of reading a real book,  actually turning the pages and share the story.
  • Open a favorite bottle of wine you have been saving.  Why not just enjoy it! (and share it!)
  • Share an idea with someone you love…ask for help, and continue to listen.
  • Take a drive in the Country, the open road and an open mind, is a luxury.
  • Explore Your Home City….see what’s out there, right in your own backyard.
  • Enjoy something you never eat…go ahead, eat a truffle, luxury chocolate, or Slice of Cake..and savor it for a moment. Its OK.

And Why not….

  • Find a place to relax and put that time into each day…ask others to respect it.
  • Fine Inspiration, and discover a way to weave it into your own life.
  • Make a new kind of dinner, or discover a restaurant each week, then share it.
  • Invite friends to get together, nothing formal, just be together in a shared activity.
  • Walk your neighbor’s dogs, and pet the cat.  Bring them a dog treat, or Catnip.  Feel the love.
  • Buy a pair of shoes you can dance in.  Then, go ahead, Dance and get a little crazy.
  • Give your Lover something warm for the winter and add a poem to the package.

Send us your suggestions….we’re happy to pass them on!

Happy New Year, 2012