The Power of Red: Branding Platforms in Hollywood

One thing we know for sure:  When the Academy Awards arrive each  year, the power of the Red Carpet reigns supreme and once again sets the stage for branding do’s and don’ts for  the unsuspecting who dare step on it.  First of all, this is not a carpet, its a launch pad, and one that can catapult you to the first position on the team, or send you back to the bench.  Sounds sporting, no?  The concept of the Red carpet started back in the day when movie stars stepped out of their cars briefly on the way into the theaters for their premieres. Flashbulbs popped as they waved ‘en route’ and perhaps a few photos showed up in the local papers.  With the explosion of media on multi-tiers the carpet has expanded into the size of a football endzone.

What’s a girl to do?  Well, here are some tips to get the faint of heart into the game of branding on the Red Carpet:

  • Plan to be seen from all angles.
  • Don’t wear Red
  • Keep it simple, Chic and Elegant
  • Hold the Funk.
  • Create a total Statement
  • Stay true to your style

Treat the Red carpet as a launch platform where your brand can be seen, heard  and shared.  Feel the Power of Red.   

The Editors