The Style Factor: Define it, Get it, Share it

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn” (Gore Vidal) 

The word, “Style” is used by all sorts of gurus who are busy educating the public as to what is means to have “Style”.  Let’s just say, this is wide open for interpretation which is what makes the world an interesting place.  So, you can have any sort of style, but if you don’t choose it well, you’re message will get off-track and confuse your audience. Mr. Vidal’s own vision of style was born of his own experiences with his friends, fellow writers, and other luminaries that made up his unique life. His statement is also great advice for brands.

Everyone in marketing knows that there are a number of ways to reach your audience effectively and with what sorts of channels.  But, we’ll leave all that for your research department to explain. What we’re talking about is the approach to the story; the authentic voice behind a brand that must reach beyond the “divide” to capture the imaginations of your audinece and connect with them.   Telling an authentic story, the truth behind the brand and expressing it in a way that connects with your audience is the most important feature of creating a style.  The idea, that you “don’t give a damn” is a reference to being authentic and unstudied about how you present the message.  Choosing a “STYLE” is the critical factor in making or breaking your branding platform, the story and how you tell it.  This is going to be the most critical decision you make in selling your products or services.  So go ahead,  get “Stylish” and define what you want to say with an authentic voice that tells your story.  Like great art, a story is the beginning of the process and will determine the visual that supports it.  Together, they create a total picture of “Style” and what makes it a powerful tool in your programs and campaigns.