Branded Events: 360 Experiences

With all the digital and online activities going on world wide,  where people are connecting with brands in digital formats, sometimes an good old fashioned “party” it what the brand doctor orders.  This can take the form of a reception, a gathering, a seminar, art opening, a race, a showcase, or conference in which a branding platform shares its exclusive attributes with its highly selective audience. The form of this type of event has recently lost its luster, as lower prices brands discover that the formula works for them as well. What does this mean for an ultimate luxury brand that needs to reach its audience with something new, fresh and exciting?  Are luxury “Branded Events” losing their luster?

We think that idea of a branded event is to evoke a sense of unique history or  special circumstances that touches all the senses or has a unique sense of mystery evocative of the brand’s creation.  An experience that might be termed as “360” is a place to begin. A fine sense of your brand qualities, attributes, and values is also key for the perfect event that is a “360” experience.  Powerful elements of an event also touch upon cultural roots, fine craftsmanship or beauty.  The placement of a product in this environement, one that is perhaps a bit “theatrical” can also be a brand builder.

A beautiful space filled with unique people, delights for the eye or taste buds that shares a sense of “brand community” makes a powerful event that keeps on giving…long after the affair is over.

So, turn down the lights and let the performance, begin.