Who’s Next? Search for the Constant Newness….

Visiting the Paris Fashion week scene is full of adventure, old and new…such that one wonders…is the constant search for new a way to encourage and develop brands that need to grow and prosper?

There seems to be an emphasis on the “constant newness” that belies the beauty, creativity and ingenuity of brands that have been “new” and now, must move forward towards being established.  This was told to me over and over again; the concept of the new, and to encourage new artists, is certainly positive.  However, what I can see is that brands have a two-fold challenge:  To remain fresh, new and create excitement with their audience, and to also stay true to their DNA or authentic roots in history that makes the unique.  This may seem like a rather simple marketing concept, but in truth, there is an elusive quality about how to do this and marketers are always trying to define it.  We wont’ try to do that here, except to raise the question:   What is it about “NEWNESS” that makes it “NOWNESS” and takes a brand from its inception, or introduction, and continually creates a success?  Here on these pages we like to discuss, and ruminate about brands and the ones that work, or, well, just don’t because they got lost in the land of NEWNESS, and forgot to stay true to their roots, or, simply abandon what they do best, in search of the constant “fresh” that they believe makes them desirable.  This is a difficult exercise for a designer. As the marketplace in luxury continues to reach out to more places on the globe, there will be a temptation to “seek the newness” instead of expanding on what a brand does best in “new” ways.  Our thought is that when  you have a history (*or wish to create one)  this creates a solid foundation which can allow you to expand and grow.   Artists in painting, music and other fine arts know that they must seek classical training before they  “expand” outside the box in order to create “newness”.   This idea, is perfect for brands.  Not only should a “fresh” brand introduce the “newness” but also, should seek to develop a future platform that is constantly in the “nowness”.   This makes for a solid strategy that embraces these two dynamics both creatively and in the marketplaces.   Discovering the “esprit”, or  heart of the work, is what the brand should focus on. The audience is “overly engaged” right now:  too much is coming in, not enough is sticking and this is the overall problem both in the digital space and in real-time.  This is the challenge of brands now; to stay in the now, yet search for the new (not just for its own sake) but to bring a new fresh outlook to the entire platform for the future.





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