Exquisite Fashion: Haute Couture in Paris via Basil Soda

The Basil Soda Show, Haute Couture in Paris…something to be said about how a gown, on a carpet, can signal luxury, beauty, artistry and poetry.  Really, so much of the hurrahs for the recent debut of the “New Dior” and other sensational fashion events taking place, it was almost a quiet storm that took place over at BASIL SODA, a beautiful show that with these few images (so hard to choose) simply signaled the best of what Couture should be:  Effortless, gorgeous, beautifully made and at the same time, breathtaking and new in its conception.   With this show we were treated to the most beautiful details and workmanship as well as the divine structure of each piece that was so simple; yet it emphasized the female form.  Even the showy transparencies were forgotten as you looked at the surface details and structures here, so well thought out in every instance.  This ultimate glamour, quiet, reserved yet strikingly beautiful is what we have always wanted to see in Couture.  Sure, we know that many sensational “infants terrible” have wanted to shake things up  (and have) but now, the emphasis on sheer magic and technical artistry reminds the audience just how it’s done.   Monsieur Soda was in his humble personality, a man of unpretentious simplicity, yet his work is complex in its technical elegance, showing the rest of the pack how an evening gown should be worn.  With the models hair in throw-away chignons, deep toned lips and simple eye make-up, the gowns are worthy of worldwide recognition. There are more delights to look at, and we hope you’ll stay with us as we reveal our favorites in the next week or so…as you’re lying on your beach towel…we’re already dreaming of the red carpet moments in the future…


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