Movies: The New Luxury Experience

Finding an audience at the Movies:   It starts with a great story.  A great director.  An amazing cast.  Real Design or animation and a real time movie theater experience to connect with audiences. 

There’s many ways to reach out to your ‘key’ audience who wants to see your movie.  How do you discover them?  How do you find the people who want to see your  movie and what makes the new marketing channels so important for your picture? Social Channels, data and other aspects of a powerful campaign are important, but the story and branding platform are key drivers that bring audience participation to a higher level.  A luxury product,  its story, characters and concept are perfect platforms for films, which is why the luxury “film” has become something of a new medium for luxury companies to explore.  The new relationship between the luxury product and how it can be launched via film platforms is part of the overall picture of new digital platforms and their use in luxury marketing strategy. To actually discover the micro-details of your audience is the benefit of detailed social media feedback and research.  This is where the luxury industry has been a bit slow to build on and will be the new trend in how they are reaching their audiences.  Strategy, message, and how channels interact between each other to engage audiences will be the new holy grail as research and data integrate with the art of the message.

 What is the Future of Movie going? 

Creative engagements with audiences in the movie theaters via devices, games and other ancillary programs might be part of the new revolution ifor movie going audiences.  More than 3-D glasses, the possible partnerships between technology and content creators may be a new trend in the future to drive business to theaters, and to engage the luxury product in new and interesting ways.

The audience, is you. What do you want to see in the theaters?

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