Words in Perfect Order: Your Company Tag Line

BANNER-Lip-Speak-outThe Company you are working for, has a tag line that tells people what they are about.  Shouldn’t you have one too?  After all,  you’re a brand, too; just like a company you’ll want to communicate your best side as well as pursue a sense of meaning as you go about your career.  Just putting your name on a business card is not all there is; its bigger than that. You, as a person are greater than the sum of your parts and so is a company with an overall objective that they will tell you about in their “Tag Line”.

People in marketing have certain buzz words that are used like new shoes, then, tossed away when they get tired of them; one of those we noticed recently was “COMPANY DNA” that appeared in all the branding presentations we’ve been seeing lately.  So, to put that inexplicable emotion into scientific terms, then, mix it around and “Voila”  you’ve got a DNA!  Well, I submit that this is really just another one of those buzzy words for what used to be called “the integrity or promise” of a company’s products or services and what made them tick as an organization.  It was what we call  “authenticity” of a brand.  It means “the real thing” and at one point, Coca Cola who used that very tag line themselves,  sold a billion bottles worldwide by simply stating a fact:  Coke: Its the real thing.

Choosing the words the describe your brand, and, your objectives for your brand, are an exercise we suggest you do before changing jobs, careers, or even that meeting with an important client.  Its about being clear, and writing it down so that you remember why you’re there.

You’ll see that AVON (*pictured above) has done just that without too many bells and whistles, just a powerful string of words that have many meanings. Put that all together, and, you see that they live their company objective in every day and every way through their products, services and the people who work with them. A powerful message that we can all learn from in our lives, our careers, and with our clients and customers.