What Makes a Hollywood Legend?

HOLLYWOOD ICONSSo much of what we understand about Hollywood legends, past and present was not only their ability to move us through the screen, but also in the power of their images off-screen as well which were managed very carefully by the studios.  Sure, they were under contract and controlled by studios but in truth, they were managed like brands.   So, the legends of Hollywood are not only artists, or creators, but now today, are managed as if they are brands in all their aspects.  It makes for an interesting study of  how to develop and manage brand platforms that involve a person, not a product or service.  The power of a personal brand, and in this case, a Hollywood  personality; complex, unique and built on a platform that is now effected by the power of a simple tweet or Facebook post that could bring it down in a matter of hours.   How do you manage this kind of brand and what makes it unique?

Stay tuned…as the chapter continues…

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