Trends Explained: From the Tablets of Culture, Art and Creativity comes Plan B

“We have tried everything we could try. We have invented all safety nets, all basic recipes, all frugal fairytales in order to sustain the business of bringing fashion and design to the world. Now with a crisis in its sixth year, deepening the differences between rich and poor, taking work away from many and creating fear for all, we will have to use other means to get there and stronger ideas to progress. So, therefore we will try the last trick in the hat and turn to plan b.   So, plan b is inviting you to let go and dream, to give in to absurdism and excess, to embrace the grotesque and the exaggerated,  to enter a new world of hyper form and strong colour, to design the monstrous and the savage, to concentrate on volume and finishing. suddenly the weird becomes common and the freak will be in fashion  and the aged will dominate the catwalk and babies will create the newest styles.  Then, out of the blue, fashion starts to be incredibly creative with no borders and no constraints. Volume is pumped up and style becomes airborne, clothes are wrapped, packed, stitched and folded together to create odd volumes that have never been seen before  and all fashions will be avant-gardist and hilarious, nobody and no brand is going to escape this liberating plan b.the ultimate celebration of creation where art and fashion blend, science and craft come together and male and female merge. the animal world and the human world will meet;their instinctive interest in skin, hair and beauty will be derived for cosmetics. structure will be studied from architecture.So, our fascination with battle, blood and all things bad will once more create a chaotic sense of disorder and decomposed creation and brighter colors will see brighter days, with bulky volumes and blown-up patterns, ballooning beauty and bonbon wrapped style with the feeling is free and clownish, laying bare the need for pure creativity”.

Editor’s Note: Our thanks to TREND UNION and its founder for this marvelous statment about the current “state” of the world of design.

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