Customized Nail Trios: Choose Your Poison

Customized Nail Trios:  Choose Your Poison

Chanel now offers a customized Trio of Nail Colors you can Order sent to you in a Red Pouch at a special price offer at its website.  It’s nice when a luxury brand allows you to customize your experience.  Always a good way to go.

CHANEL has found itself in competition with all sorts of upstart nail companies who are re-inventing nail polish.  Chanel is still a leader in color and fashion trends in Nail Colors, but they are still left out of the race to ‘re-invent’ the wheel, preferring to stay with their classics and simply sell them in a variety of new ways.  But, does this really drive business or is it just a ‘fix’ for a division of their company that really needs some “re-invention”.