ZADY Lifestyle & Fashion Website: Giving back to the world, as you Shop


Sustainability is the new Black.  As a fashionista, who attended college at Berkeley,  I can say that the idea of a sustainability was part of this culture back in the day.  In discovering Paris fashion, from many trips there, I can tell you that anything sustainable was not very appealing.  At VERTE, I try to discover ways that a dedicated Paris fashionista can become one with the planet, and I know I have finally found it.  ZADY, a website that specializes in total sustainability, is really going to change the world.  Supply chains are totally transparent.  The support of indigenous crafts are critical to the business model, as their partnership with BOOTSTRAP will ensure that all purchases will go towards supporting a micro business around the world.   Designers like CLARE VIVIER who is originally from France, fits my bill perfectly!   Sustainable practices, a touch of French Chic and voila, a new kind of designer bag that really appeals to the ultra-fashion diva in all of us.  They are represented here on the site and in her  LA, “Silverlake” neighborhood store and all made locally.   This is responsible online retail, and a project we can all feel good about, and so please, I encourage you to shop on, it’s so guilt-free!



Editor’s Note:  I reprint here ZADY Mission Statement, for your information. 

Mission:  At our roots, we are a collaboration between friends. Zady provides an alternative to today’s “fast-fashion,” a fad demanding consumers buy more and more instead of buying ‘good.’ We should not be compelled to accept throwaway goods as a way of life; we can instead take pride in the style and integrity of each and every piece we own.