Create Your Own Make-Up: The Mink 3-D Printer

Create Your Own Make-Up

Grace, founder of MINK a printer that will print colors you can use for Make Up that will revolutionize how we see color. She was a Tech Crunch finalist.

We are very interested in how this will “disrupt” the purchase of mass market make-up from Big Box Stores. It will also offer a chance for Tweens to create, share and offer make up to their friends in a social media marketing environment that they are already very adept at. Videos on how to apply make-up are so pervasive in this age group, that virtually every girl can capture color around the web, in images, ads, and photos and then recreate a version of this exact color by printing the pigment to mix into other related base products. Breaking the barriers of distribution, brand and exclusivity of color, the mass market and the exclusive creation of color groups that drives the industry. Her idea is revolutionary, but I predict that the preferences for luxury formulations will be what keeps the loyal customers going back to their luxury products.

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