Paris Fashion Week: A Return to Elegance, hopefully

I am very excited about the upcoming Fashion Week in Paris when the city is filled with street fashion, impromptu parties, style discoveries and more. There are highs, lows, big surprises and always the rumors of the whereabouts of the fascinating Anna Wintour. Where is she now? I discovered last year it was like a game of “Where’s Waldo” when I attended a show that she had not attended and the fashion fur flew that day.

I encourage you to see the documentary film about her, if you have a few hours and a bottle of champagne, its truly entertaining.

SO what are my hopes for this foray ? Well, happy accidents like getting into shows I didnt’ think would be possible or the discovery of new designers like last year, design students from Finland who were truly extraordinary. When countries that are known for barren wastelands and large furry animals with horns on them enter the world of Paris fashion anything can happen.

Many of you know I usually wax poetic about brands, and how to create them here, and I am sure there will be some new boutique luxury brands to talk about.

I promise to keep you posted as the pre-fashion week excitement builds where we’ll report directly from Paris. I will even try to post a few photos of some fashionable creatures, as they flock around the backstage areas and lend the air of theater to the proceedings.

That news will be on my newly designed fashion blog, THE ART OF STYLE.

A Bientot!