Creativity at Your Fingertips: INNI Nail Designs Revolutionize Nail Art

One of the fastest growing areas in beauty, is the field of nail arts.  Polishes, glazes, gels, and the art of decoration are all industries that are quickly becoming part of a worldwide billion dollar business.  INNI designs has gone one step further in creating a personal and customized options for decorating nails that can only be described as the future of nail decor.  Just sign up on their website and upload or create your own designs, and they’ll send the set directly to you. A huge variety of options are available and they are so easy to apply.  They also don’t hurt your own nails, something we prefer since other options tend to be trying to the natural nail bed.  The founder, Candice Chua is an entrepreneur who raised the funds for her company via “Kickstarter” with her husband developing the technology and together they are perfecting the nail products that are revolutionizing the market.  Create your favorite patterns and nail colors with designs, metals, or glitter.  It’s a great gift or promotion for a new venture or a special event with limitless possibilities.

But don’t take our word for it, just head over to their website and see for yourself at