Luxury Branding Tip: Rise of the Artisan

Artisans in the luxury business have been in the back room for so long people forgot that they exist. The last few years has changed do to the onslaught of social media making luxury more accessible. Recently, luxury brands have taken the time to celebrate their brand heritage and bring out from the back rooms the makers of the luxury goods we covet. Putting a face on the creation somehow humanizes our connection and we realize that the world of luxury is like going back in time to a place where quality stood for something. Perhaps, we are realizing that something old is new again: luxury brands know we are not only searching for the rare or exotic but also the human touch. That’s why Etsy is so popular and the non-designer label is getting some airspace: people want something that makes them unique in an increasingly cluttered world. This is the human connection shared between the artisan and the client. It’s a very old relationship that had been forgotten and will grow in importance as time goes on. It’s the most important part of the branding story because it gets to the heart of why a luxury brand exists. It’s also a useful tool for the small business to remember how they started and why or how they got their first customer. It’s also about transparency and authenticity: where are things made? How did you first start? Family business is especially holding the cards for this hand because they literally have history and personalities who ‘share time’ in the past and present about the history with everyone. Discovering how your brand can either create or capitalize on this in a carefully balanced way is a proven strategy to make your brand stand out from the muddle.