Burberry: The Perfect Music Fashion Partnerhip

I remember when commercials on TV were not only longer than they are now (apparently we have shorter attention spans) but as someone growing up in a musical household, the tunes of advertising jingles remain with me still.  Ask me to hum a tune, or remember a product and I can do it (great for cocktail parties).  Many of these campaigns have passed into the annals of media history.  Some of the best advertising  campaigns ever created were a perfect combination of a product interpreted in the music.  That world, is largely gone today.

What I know now:  Music still works in all its forms but it must be tied with an experience we can all share, a lifestyle we can aspire to and lastly, to a product.  What changed the landscape of music and  advertising is the new magical word “LIFESTYLE”.

There have been a few useful benchmarks in the music and advertising industry: LIVE CONCERT PROMOTIONS, FUNDRAISING, SPONSORSHIPS. This characterizes the last 15 years of music partnerships in advertising. But there is another formula for advertising and music that is changing the landscape: BURBERRY MUSIC programming available directly on their website, is changing the way we connect with music and advertising.

Telling a BRAND STORY is the key idea here:  It’s about the artists, their experience of creation that directly connects with the audiences who purchase the products.   Burberry  re-wrote the fashion business model from the exclusive runway shows and POINT-OF-SALE retailers to an  inclusive experience of the brand with the addition of music.  A benchmark of music and advertising was born. It should also be noted that the Presidente of BURBERRY was hired away to manage the APPLE retail stores just as they were introducing APPLE MUSIC into the mix.  When applied to music, shaken and stirred up with products brands can engage an audience with its hopes, dreams and aspirations tied to both the song; the act of creating the song and the performance experience.  A secondary aspect is the products (in the case of BURBERRY) the fashion is almost an afterthought. So, audiences to relate to the music as the core experience and the fashion, second.  The integration of brand stories and musical experiences is just the beginning.  A new generation of music consumers will change the course of how the music industry will continue to grow its revenues with creative new ways so bring branded experiences to their audiences.
Editor: It should be noted here that URBAN ARTISTS and their musical expressions, such as HIP HOP also gave birth to an enormous fashion industry tied to lifestyles becoming one of the most powerful drivers of both retail  to come along in 50 years.