What is Truth: Your Brand Must Tell It.

Is your brand telling the truth? Are you pretending to be something you are not?  A mass market brand that wants to be a luxury brand; a designer brand that has no designer; a luxury travel website that is really a mid-level booking site? All of this is truth in advertising and at the heart of it is your brand story:  Telling the authentic truth about your brand is how you will serve your customers best and achieve the success you (and your brand) deserve.

Truth can come from many sides of your company: Is your message truthful? Is your manufacturing and sourcing truthful? Can you deliver on your promises? The dangers of being untruthful to your  customers and clients is real and in the era of social media there is no where to hide. Truth, in advertising always been both a legal and strategic matter.  Hiding the truth was easy when the employees had no access to the media; now a “tweet” can ‘sink a ship’ or change the price of a stock valuation.  Organizations that are “top down” are struggling with the new kind of employee and customer community who have more power than ever before.

 Is there an “alternate” truth about your manufacturing or your sourcing? A story about your company that is patently false will someday emerge and destroy your brand.  There are many lies told by brands to keep secrets from their customers.  With the very heart of truth and “alternate facts” in the news every day, brands have to be more careful then ever about how they are communicating to their customers, their employees and stockholders.

There is no such thing as an “alternate fact” despite what you may have heard. Your brand whether large or small must be truthful to its DNA to tell an authentic story.  The story starts from its creation or founder, manufacturer or materials, sales or marketing and fulfillment of all your promises.

Seems overwhelming?  Just start at the beginning.  If you are looking at your “personal brand” and want to improve it just be honest and authentic to yourself or make choices that express your reality, “your truth”.  That’s not false, at all.


Photo:  Authentic Hermes Bags “minis” one of the most sought after handmade brands in the world.