Black & White Style is Forever: The Easiest Way to build your Personal Brand.

What did I love the most about the MET RED CARPET? The black and white looks that ruled.  The trend, is a solid classic and wearable for everyone.  While the “Glitterati” look their best in their Black & White trend on the carpet you can take a note to make this your own.  It’s a fantasy trend that can be purchased at TARGET or H&M and on up the retail food chain.  From a branding standpoint there is no mistake:  Black and White is here to stay.  Season-less.  Always Elegant.  For ‘Every Body’. This is the look you can wear to a wedding, a dinner or a special event and no matter what you do its going to ‘up your game’ for your presentation,  a business dinner and even the most casual of meetings.

Black and White has the cool factor of a James Bond Tux, a Rocker T-shirt, a Black denim Jean, a White T-Shirt or a ruffled Tux Shirt or motorcycle jacket.  Iconic fashion pieces or landmarks stay around forever.  James Bond, Patty Smith, Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, Cher are just a few of the famous names who embrace the black and white theme.  It’s a Brand Builder for your personal brand that will never let you down.  So go ahead, get it down to a science and never worry about your style ever again.  Really.  Just focus on the best Black or White piece that looks good on your figure, try a jacket, a coat, blazer, or even a cashmere sweater over a slack, pencil skirt or slim LBD.  There are unlimited ways to wear black and white and it will never let you down.

Here is how the glitterati at the Met wore it, and I think we can all agree, it never looked better.