Social Media Revives an old Business Model: The Avon Lady

The company STELLA & DOT has received alot of attention lately, joining a list of the top 500 companies to be included in “fastest growing” in the US.  We’re not surprised:  Its about women, jewelry, community, and really great incentives for the sales force that is building the company.  With key talent at the top, its an impressive model that will take the country by storm, and has a scheduled release in the UK next year.  Here’s the deal: You’ve got great products, women sellers who love being fashionable and sharing about it, a saavy digital platform and shopping: Its a lethal combination for success.

Avon ladies?  Not.  They’re hip, young moms, busy professionals and expert in the new social media landscape that will transform the home shopping industry.  Let’s talk about what makes this sector so “yesterday”, and, how they’re transforming it with some key differences:  Digital Platforms,  Great Products,  Powerful Incentives, and, best of all, a truly well-thought out Brand Strategy that has the character of “friendly” but “chic” all wrapped up.  They’ve done a great job at communicating their true essence, and continue to grow this platform to reach a wide range of sellers. The sellers target the right customers in their social networks and let’s face it, don’t sweat the marketing details.  Everyone knows that selling on FACEBOOK has its positives and negatives:  the idea here is to drive business to an event, a proven strategy. As the power of this digital community grows, so will the brand and its ability to engage its audience through a variety of events all created by their sellers. A massive marketing “department” of sellers who execute their own sales initiatives: Priceless.  We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next as they roll out the brand in the UK.

The Editors

NOTE: the Editors like the accessories so much they plan to host an event, and experience the business model for themselves.