Flying and Floating: Interior Design for Yachts and Planes

Who knew that a boat, well, a yacht, to be precise, had the most extraordinary design challenges that revolutionized an industry?  The world of Yachting and boating is a lifestyle option for the super wealthy, but wait, there’s more to just purchasing a luxury toy, these days.  Designing interiors for these floating “home away from home” is a very busy area of the luxury sector and shows no signs of stopping worldwide.  The interior’s of jet planes also is one area that has designers working with complicated FAA regulations  to create unique and extraordinary designs that are a blend of technology and practicality.   With a yacht design there are principals that are at work in each project:  Practical yet inspired, the Interior Designer has a very unique jo to combine inspiration with the forward motion of a moving target.  This is what makes the boat or plane such a challenge.  The designers are up to the task, coming up with a wide variety of luxury appointments from gorgeous lighting, coffered ceilings, furnishings, art and other decor that  make this travel experience one of the best in the world.

What’s the brand story here?  

These toys are really part business and part pleasure: As the “flagships ”  in the arsenal of the super rich its a unique way to express ultimate dreams in motion other than your typically well-appointed home.  When designing these unique spaces there are ways to “improve” on the idea that transportation is just a way to get there.  When considering the history of luxury transportation, the Ocean Liner or the great trains like the ORIENT EXPRESS which showcased great  craftsmanship;  glasswork, furnishings, art and other crafts have unique brand  histories attached to them. A design for a plane, or yacht has a unique “luxury branding” story as part of its creation and heritage.  While everyone is rushing to make things look “new” I think a truly historic design will not only combine the best of technology, but, in fact, create a luxury branded heritage.   Their is “travel” then there’s the luxury way where the process of arriving, is almost as good as getting there. This is the job of the designer who isn’t just doing pretty rooms, they’re making the space work from a practical point of view and  creating a “story” for the owners of the plane or boat. Just like slipping into a custom made gown or piece of jewelry, the luxury toy expresses the personality of the owner and the designer’s job is to get that story, or “brand essence” into the design to achieve success.

Please don’e mind,  but, the next time we fly on a gulf stream, we’ll be looking at the furniture and decor instead of looking out the window at the view.

The Editors