The King’s of France: The Ultimate Brand Strategists

Getting Royal in 8 Easy Steps:  How to create a Luxury Brand

French royalty was responsible for the establishment of many luxury brands we know today.  The  Key Concept of what it means to be a luxury brand was uttered by King Louis XVI  himself,  “L’Etat c’est moi”.  We know there are a few “revolutionary types” out there who might see all mass market brands as democratic. We’re not historians in the proper sense of the word, but we know a luxury brand when we see one:  King Louis and his forbears who began the building of Versailles were very clear on one thing:  The palace, the gardens, the hall of mirrors, they were all expressing the power of the state and its engagement with their audience: courtiers, artisans, peasantry, businesses, services, etc.  Versailles was so successful that it became the gold standard for how to be a “Royal Personage” and was copied the world over.  We don’t want to forget the women of the kingdom:  Madame Pompadour, Queen Marie Antoinette,  Du Barry,  all very active in establishing the luxury industry in France with furnishings, tapestries, porcelain, painting, the arts, architecture.  All of these industries were embraced by an eager audience just as they are today and are being introduced  to new markets as we speak.  China, Russia, Brazil, and the Middle East.  It’s going to be high times for the world of luxury brands.


The business of being royal was all about BRANDING.   Absolute Power? You Bet.  Being a luxury brand is not a democracy.  This will explain why luxury brands were afraid to greet the populace on social media and other digital channels which almost spelled the demise of their kingdoms. A digital strategy was critical to engage this new “popular” audience and creating unique content has been a successful formula for this industry that has the history and resources to engage the audience in the manner that maintains their brand identity, message and mystique.  Art books, exhibits, Special Releases, bespoke promotions  of all sorts define the luxury brand that seeks to satisfy the need to experience the rare, and unique experience.

For those of you who are not on board yet, here’s a few bullets to  help you in creating  your own branding kingdom…

1.  Make your Brand Identity the Center of your Royal Universe: It’s the Main Strategy to Leverage your Business

2.  Create your own Royal Family History: Tell the Story of your Brand that engages your audience on many levels

3   Create Your Own Versailles Palace:   The flagship Location of your Business either real or digital

3.  Be King or Queen of Your Brand:  Don’t stray too far from your Power Platform or risk losing mystique

4.  Appoint many Ministers, Ambassadors, and Agents to tell your story: Coordinate platforms to avoid confusion

6.  Royal Decrees: Use Social Media Platforms to reach the masses: This works for specific products or services

7.  Create your own “Nobility” so that top clients can  join your “Royal Circle”: This is not for everyone but a chosen few

8.  Be the Top Brand Ambassador:  You are the Brand, so live it!