“Just as Web 2.0 is transforming publishers into retailers by embedding e-commerce into the pages of online magazines, the digital era has also triggered an explosive innovation in the other direction. Luxury e-tailers like Net-a-Porter have long produced editorial content in order to buttress the vending component of the business, but now luxury brands themselves are becoming content providers too”.  

Do you have your content in line with your brand?   Its a great question to ask if you are a boutique luxury brand or small luxury business.  Sure, the big guys can dish out lots of big things but what about the small business or boutique atelier?  The answer is, and will always remain, keeping it simple, and good.  No matter how small your channels, how little you are financed, there ‘s no substitute for a great story for your brand and how its launched on a variety of channels that expand each and every day. 

“LVMH’s landmark launch of earlier this year provided one of the most liberated templates for such a platform with its exceptionally discreet branding and its reputation for editorial freedom.”

“The idea behind this launch, was to “liberate” branded content from its confines of heavy handed brand-ology.  Therefore, as a small brand, the sky is the limit, even if its just your own corner of the sky.  So, here at the ATELIER, we encourage our clients to launch and re-think trying to be big, and go for the excellence of the small stuff.  Think luxury and think small.  Not “over-processed” and big when you are considering your content strategy.  Let’s compare the idea of a blockbuster movie, to say, a small independent feature that grabs your attention.  Sure, the big budget dude is all over the place, makes millions.  But what about the little guys? Remember those indie films, that started small and got big, really big.  They did it with the use of channels that worked for them and built up a following that was not based on their ad budgets. It was based on their honest story, great telling of it, and their conviction that if they built it, people would come.  Small luxury brands can do the same thing.  The content and how you present your products around it is just the ticket.   Start Small.  Think big.  

The Editor