Can Music become a Luxury Brand?

The very idea, of music today, has changed.  Songs used to have a unique place in our history whether they were found on a “hit parade” or  a “band leader’s”  playlist or as a film’s title song, Billboard top 20, TV theme, or a hit  record.  The way we consume music has obviously changed. Music should be accessible to everyone, but, lately, music has lost its sense of luxury. 

How does the brand, story, or provenance of a song become a luxury item?  These questions seem simple  except when you realize that the music industry has shifted from one distribution system to another which is a critical component of what makes something a luxury product.  In luxury marketing, there are a few things that are always part of the mix:   A great story, workmanship or craftsmanship, artistry, and originality as well as having a limited availability.  These things for the sake of the argument, also work  with a song, which has a history, artistry, and is attached to celebrities, artists, bands, products, services, etc. Mass Marketing has cleverly made music, and songs, artists and recordings, so accessible to the masses that we’re left with the remaining question:  “When is Music a Luxury Brand?”

I think many of you would mention that “recordings” that are difficult to locate, rare records or albums fit this category.  There are those of you out there who are true experts on this, and, if you are one of them, please dial in and share with us which recordings fit into this category.  Jazz, blues, classical, popular, rock n’roll, soul, Motown, etc.  However, we’d like to propose that for music to become a true luxury, in the “French” sense of the word,  (*after all, they invented the idea….) we’d like to propose a few ideas that make music a luxury item which can be cleverly applied to marketing strategy that works with your luxury product or service. Of course, if you’re already in the music industry, you can approach this as a distributer, and be looking for strategic partnerships that can create the aura of a luxury brand for your catalogue.

  • Purchase your very own composer who writes songs just for you
  • Purchase and share some unique songs written by someone famous, who  isn’t a songwriter
  • Discover a rare recording that has never been heard, in an attic in the Midwest
  • Hire a full orchestra to play on your  front lawn and invite the neighbors
  • Create a curated playlist of rare tunes…that no one else can get to
  • Ask a famous artist to sing the song for the night you win the Presidency
  • Hire a recording studio to make your own album…then make it available in exclusive channels
  • Win an Academy Award, or two or three….
  • Perform at the Grammys….and Win One…
  • Align yourself with a luxury brand….like Bono and Louis Vuitton
Become a member of Music Royalty…We’ll send you the steps and you’re on  your way….
Editor’s Note:
We’re currently working with a songwriter who we consider to be in the luxury category…Harry Warren,   20th Century songwriter and “King of the Hits”.  He is also considered the  inventor of  the Film Musical, starting with 42nd Street. He was the winner of three Academy Awards for Best Song.  If you wish further information on Harry’s life and career,
check out his website at: