Luxury Un-Vacation: “Time and Space “

Its just incredible all the extraordinary places one can go in the world.  Whether you’re  relaxing, getting fancy,  enjoying luxury, or ultimate services of all sorts of descriptions…we’re overwhelmed with how many vacations there are to choose from: adventures, beauty treatments or spas, a mountain hike, an artist or a painting, a wine, delicious cuisine…the list is endless in this lovely world of ours.  Okay. Now I have to decide where to relax for my next vacation.  Relax?  Are you kidding?  Let’s get things on track here: How do you relax when your’re being hit with all the things that civilization brings to the mix…creature comforts, valet parking, waiters, tour guides, good soap in the bath…I  don’t know where to begin, its just too overwhelming.  Can’t someone please make this simple?

Let’s just say it.  Man needs…SPACE.  Clean. Sandy. Watery. Uncluttered.  Quiet. No people, just plain moi.  Ah yes, that’s the super luxe vacation of the future: You just check – in, and then disappear.  That’s it, a disappearing vacation.  Well, you could also disappear with someone, if you wanted to.  But, that defeats the purpose…doesn’t it?

Does anyone offer those types of vacations yet?  Well, there’s a new movement out there to just “un-chain” ourselves from things like, yes, the digital media and your laptop where you’re reading this post.   Where can  you go?  We’re on the search for places you can go that really spell “RELAX and BE” and we don’t mean those awful ASHRAM things where you can’t wear good shoes.  No, we’re talking about clean white spaces that are relaxing, uncluttered, practically Scandinavian and they’re called “Time” and “Space” get-aways.  I think we’re on to something, and you heard it here, first.  Its the new luxury:  Time and Space.

The unique photo on the right was the basis of our inspiration, by LOBATO from the TREND TABLET folks….they always know what’s ahead. We think  its going to be about time, and space, and relaxation for the new luxury vacation and so that’s what’s on our minds….or….not.

Now, if we could just find an airport that would agree with us….and a plane to take us there.  Where? We’re not sure, but it’s definitely not here.

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ARTIFICE EDITORS, who are big advocates of TIME and SPACE.