Is it possible to Eat Luxury? Discover the French Macaroon

With the arrival  of La Duree in New York, the buzz is out that the legendary macaroons….so integral to the Paris experience…are now here…it begs the question:  can  you taste luxury?  Many would say…yes, of course, with all the fancy foods and wines the world over, and, the competition for our attention…its a wonder that this little cookie, has generated so much attention.   Have you tasted one?

   Then, perhaps you’ll understand that its not so much the cookie itself, its the experience of eating the cookie in the little shop, all decorated like your Aunt Margeret’s tea room, complete with that delicate color of pale green….and those little comfortable chairs and cheerful staff.  We can only talk about our visit in Paris…which is the blueprint for New York…we’re waiting for the word….will it measure up?
Now, back to the brand:  Let’s just say that this enduring brand is just like any other luxury brand, in Paris, and, begs our attention in that it embodies the best of France:  Elegance, delightful taste, color, packaging, and tradition of fine ingredients. All the things that other food companies can only dream of.  The experience of eating this little cookie, is not only one that delights the eyes…it delights the taste buds, and of course, the experience of the little shop is also part of their charm.  We should add that the French, in their inimitable charm, are very good at making unique desserts such as the Madeline, itself the thing that inspired Proust himself.   There are very addicted people out there, who can experience luxury for a fraction of the trip to France, now that its arrived in New York.   We also recommend the website….a delightful and whimsmical experience…..just like that little cookie………ttp://