What is American Luxury? It’s Craftsmanship, Thank You.

New American Luxury is not just a European “copy”.  The roots of what makes the  American Authenticity new:  Simple fine manufacture is elegant and practical in form and function.  The first idea of this came with the pair of LEVIS, and we know where that idea went.   The second or third discovery of American luxury, might be something as simple as an Indian Blanket, a handmade Log Cabin, a bench or chair, made from unique woods, and so on.  Simple family owned businesses are the roots of a luxury brand. Quality starts at home. Of course, things can be bigger,  much bigger, but they start in a very simple way, and the idea of “Made in America” is now sweeping the nation as a new trend.  Luxury, right here at home.

Now, to the brands:  If its made in America, in its original factor space or uses original machinery, its the real deal.  One example we’re thinking of is the Navy Chair.  Simple idea, really.  Stainless steel, made for ships during the war.  Made in just one place in American, and, then, the trends began.  Enter Philippe Stark, and a design classic was re-born.  We’re fans of the original, as we can see that a good idea has gone a bit overboard, but, you get the point.   American. Classic. Genius.  Simple materials, bespoke  manufacture, tried and true design that demands you pay attention to its form and function.  You see what we mean when we look at something really good…and it ends up getting interesting.  That makes it an American Luxury, in the best sense of the word and we know you’ll think of many more examples…we’re keeping track!