This past week ROLEX launched its MENTOR program and initiative, and gathered some of the world’s great talents in film, dance, art, writing, poetry together in a mentor setting.  What is extraordinary, is that while governments are busy promoting the sciences, which we don’t deny is important, there is an entire population of creatives out there who can get “left out” in this mix.  The promotion of artists by a worldwide luxury company provides the vision and funding and proposes the question that only a luxury company really understands:  with out an artistic vision from individuals in a society, where would our culture be?  Who would nurture this spark of literature, poetry, dance, painting, and other fine arts in our cultures, all cultures, if it were not for the contributions of these luxury brands?   Governments are now out of the “arts” business. Sadly, without the arts, our cultures lose their richness.  This is true in America where the government “grants” that were plentiful 20 years ago, are practically at a zero level now.  Arts institutions need to be supported by the luxury company, the substantial citizens and encouraged through tax opportunities that allows for this stream of contributions to keep our culture from disappearing.  More companies in the luxury sector are discovering it makes good business sense to link the vision of an artist, dancer, or perhaps a painter to the vision of a luxury brand to move this social agenda forward.  LVMH has always been a leader in this area.  Does this mean that an artist is “selling out” by accepting funding from a commercial company instead of the government?  In the case of ROLEX, they have worked carefully through a program that allows for artists, and mentors, together over a year period to interact, produce a work, and work together in some way to foster this future relationship. This is one unique way to create this synergy between artists, commerce, and community.   Its proven to be a successful combination and powerful message to bring to the world that is more, than just the luxury product itself.

Editor’s Note:  For more information on one of the world’s premiere art programs:  www.rolexmentorprotege.com