Invitation to Luxury: How Do You Reach the new generation of Luxury shoppers?

With the explosion of social media, the world has become a digital landscape populated with many users who connect with it in different ways.   Many luxury companies took a “wait and see’ attitude, not understanding the power of a social network to drive sales.   Preferring traditional media platforms to reach out to their exclusive audience of largely baby boomers, mainstream luxury companies were just beginning to engage with this new media.  While they were watching from the sidelines,  companies like BURBERRY were committing to the digital platforms and engaging  the “Millennial Affluents” in a huge way with campaigns to promote indie music, online sites like “NOWNESS” and “THE ART OF THE TRENCH”  took the rest of the industry by surprise.  The massive brand re-positioning of many “old school” luxury brands to reach this new audience has only just begun.  Spring 2012 campaigns from Ferragamo, DIOR, CHANEL, and other mainstream luxury brands have begun to reach out to this audience and engage them on their own territory.   “By creating an inclusive platform for brand engagement (and cultivating relationships with aspirational consumers) Burberry effectively increased its exclusivity among consumers who can actually afford their products” (Greenhill Partners).  This is just the beginning for luxury social media…the gate has opened and the new generation of shoppers who want to be part of a social “pack” of shoppers to purchase and “aspire” to these luxury products.

If you are a luxury product and want to reach this audience (see above) and don’t forget to look at how your products are made.  Craftsmanship, always a mainstay of a true luxury product, is going to be top on the list of requirements for this age group.  Remember, this is the age group that has built US brands like Apple and COACH to its worldwide luxury status.

The EDITOR:  We are including a quote from GREENHILL PARTNERS who wrote a great article for the MASHABLE and cited research from the US LUXURY SOCIETY.  We thank them for the gathering of research.