Digital Platforms: What’s Sexy Now

When contemplating new platforms for communication, we suggest going for the elegant, simple, and yes, the sexy.  Say, the little photo app that just got purchased by FACEBOOK, Instagram.  Who knew a little platform would make even the most un-creative look like a professional photographer was a “genius idea”? This is why people signed up and, began to share photos that were created and manipulated  with all sorts of filters making sharing fun, and engaging.   This brings us to the point: images are sexy. The power of the image, and, the crowd’s ability to use them, manipulate them, and move them across a variety fo platforms is more than just social  media, its an image revolution.  We’ll be showcasing some new ways to launch content in this space and the technologies that we think are flying in on the next wave. We are looking for new ways to transmit visual ideas,   client engagement, aspirational  desire  and storytelling which makes our world go around.

Watch this space…for our next wave of trends in fashion and image making.  Just don’t mind us if we go a bit nerdy on you…

The Editor.