THE ART OF LUXURY: Creating in a Digital World

You are Invited to Join the Luxury Digital Experience

Creating exceptional online experiences worthy of a high end luxury audience is the new challenge for luxury brands who have yet to fully embrace digital channels to engage their audience.  Their challenge is to create new creative to keep up with the unique level of their product offerings and high demand audiences.  The answer is always to be creating new ways to entertain and engage in a variety of media, venues, channels, both traditional and non-traditional.   This means taking what might have once been traditional advertising, and create something entirely new, even if it uses channels that may be considered traditional.

The ART of LUXURY is the theme, challenge, and topic we are pursuing  For SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK, a worldwide celebration of the intersection of media both traditional and non-traditional.  The Luxury industry Panel we are currently putting together will explore this topic in detail. For further information please contact us at: if you wish to participate as either  a  representative of a luxury brand or media, please contact us.