Fashion Brands: To Be or not to Be…that is the Question

While the music swirls and lights go up and down on the fashion runways at MERCEDEZ BENZ Spring 2012 Collections, the undercurrents on everyone’s mind is who will be the breakout hit? The world of fashion has become not only about creativity and discovery but about branding. This can be a dangerous cocktail to the young designer who needs to follow a vision, create a story and showcase a followthrough within a collection.  While a designer must consider a customer when they are creating, to dwell too much on the results of the work instead of the process, is also dangerous.  How does a young designer work both sides of the aisle? Having the support of creative and business team around you can be useful to keep you from taking on all the jobs that can cloud your vision and concept.  A young designer needs to be free to create, working closely with a creative team for support who can take on the issues of the brand.  A solid marketing person, who understands the strategy of how the brand will work in the marketplace and a creative muse who can inspire you is also part of this team.  A designer should focus  the work and let the brand emerge organically to support this vision.   The best brands are authentic to the original vision and are consistent, true to a story as well as the brand ideals that come from the creator.  The vision of a young designer who begins this journey will go through many stages.  With the right guidance and support, a young designer can find their way towards a powerhouse branding platform that will assure them a long and healthy life in the industry.

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Picture courtesy of MBFW: University of Art Runway Show, 2013 Spring Season