“Who is” your Data, Baby?

What You Need to know about Social Media Campaigns for a Luxury Shopper 

The trick to a successful social media campaign, is the Data, Baby. And we don’t mean just the numbers, either. 

Old school models about advertising are gone; the power of the community is here.  You are reaching several types of audiences at the same time, in a variety of channels.  Be inclusive as well as exclusive. Your traditional audience who loves to read a glossy magazine might only engage with you there (or on their ipad) whereas a client who connects with you on their smart phone might be entirely different in age or lifestyle.  The traditional lines of audiences are being tossed on their heads and you don’t want to be tossed out with them.

The truth is the numbers don’t tell the whole story: You really need to know who you’re talking to in order to deliver the right content strategy to your audience.  People assume that typical luxury audience members you are talking to on social media channels are aspirational.  Not according to the latest research.  Luxury shoppers are now more attuned to digital resources then ever before; they are getting information from a combination of media tools like ipads, readers, websites, smart phones or from a luxury  magazine presented either online in digital formats or served up in a hotel or private plane.  No one media is driving business but the combination of channels is reaching a unique luxury shopper who is attuned to their needs.

Are your typical clients people who would buy a bottle of perfume?  Would they take a Test drive in the latest model and share about it or buy an album or a concert ticket?  Maybe they would book a hotel room with a 15 percent discount just to share about it with their community. These questions are critical to understanding how you are providing your fans with content that they will not only enjoy, but share.  There is more to social media then selling; its more like an online dating relationship that is filled with clever comments, unique stories and engaging real-time conversation that draws your potential “significant other” into your world.  Just be prepared to show them your best side, when they get there.

Editor’s Note:  Bottega Veneta Milan Spring Collections:  The “Data” Dress.

Research from the US Luxury Society and the Luxury Society of Paris provide us with our data on the typical habits of the Luxury shopper, both in the US and worldwide. For further information and a Luxury Report, please contact us and we’ll send you one, Free of charge.