Walking on a Tightrope: A Balancing Act

While walking by a small park near where I live, the other day, I came upon a tightrope walker. Suspended between the trees, about 6 feet up, he was crossing between them on his tightrope, balancing deftly as he crossed the divide between them.  I asked him if he was joining the circus, as I could see the wonderful costume in my mind, and thought he had a great career ahead of him as a balancing act, fit for Cirque de Soleil.  “No, actually I am going to be walking above the ground between rocks and crevices”, he said.  

This young man had an idea, a concept in his mind of how he was going to take that practice session in the park, to the mountain peaks and that was his goal.  To think about any sort of goal or objective, practice makes perfect, but there is yet more: the vision and will to succeed.  “If you can picture the results, you will go towards it”  my Uncle Hailey used to say, and he was pretty good at it, having envisioned millions, himself.  But money was not what really made his day, it was creating the idea, bringing people together on it, then realizing the vision.  The balance between the idea (which starts in your mind) and the process of execution will have challenges, and you might even fall from the tightrope along the way, but you just get back on with the vision in the front of your mind.  Many people talk about this, but unless you can overcome the elements of your personality, habits and practices as well as finding the greater good for your project or goal, all is lost. 

I am grateful I was able to see this in action, many many times, and just the other day, was reminded of it.